Nexul Academy

Technical skills

Our training program allows students to learn and apply all of the necessary coding and team skills in order to start a career in full-stack web development. Students will attend our classes in St. Louis, Missouri and learn development with the help of in-person guidance from our experienced instructors and mentors.

We specialize in Hml, Css, JavaScript, Angular, C#, MVC, Sql, Entity Framework, Docker, Azure, VS Code, Visual Studio, NPM, and related technologies and code patterns.

Our ideal student to instructor/mentor ratio is 10-1, ensuring all of your questions are answered.

Nexul Academy is certified by the Missouri Department of Higher Education.


Team Skills

Learn the Agile process in teamwork workshops to master the three C's, Coordination, communication and cooperation with Sprint planning, pair programming, presentations and more. Teamwork is the primary driver of success in any organization, a major focus of discussion during interviews.

Students will form teams of 2-3 people and work on a team-selected project in preparation for a demo day presentation to the professional community.

Daytime trimesters

Trimesters are 12 weeks long with 4 weeks between the end of one trimester and the start of another. There are 3 trimesters per year. Full-time students can complete the program in one trimester. Part-time students can complete the program in 2 trimesters. part-time meets 2 days per week while full-time meets 4 days per week.

Daytime classes meet from 9 am to noon for structured class time. students have access to a mentor during all business hours 8:30 am to 5pm weekdays once they enroll and for up to a year after graduation.

Trimesters begin in February, June and October each year. Applications are always open for future trimesters, its never to early to apply. Apply early to reserve a spot!

Evening tracks

Evening classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday OR Monday and Wednesday evenings for 25 weeks. Students have access to mentors during office hours every Monday through Friday afternoon, except holidays and weeks school is out for a break.

Evening tracks begin every 8 months. Contact us for the next start date.


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Career Support

All students in an immersive program are guided through the process with our experienced professionals and recruiting partners. We'll help you to develop your expertise and help you prepare during the program and find the perfect job after graduation.

Our employer partners are waiting for the next set of graduates now. See our reviews for success stories.

Join an Upcoming Meetup

Come ask your questions as our Lead Instructor, Michael Lang, gives an overview of the program and what you can expect. The session is free and takes place in our facility.


Post Graduation Resources

After graduation you become alumni, eligible for extended benefits free for a limited time from your graduation date, and subject to adhering to the Anti-Harassment policy.

  • Priority access to mentors and instructors during office hours for up to a year in-person.
  • Standard access to Q/A slack chat channels with mentor support for three years.
  • Permanent free access to exclusive alumni-only slack chat channels to network or collaborate with your fellow alumni.
  • Additional free classes post-graduation until either placed into a programming job or for one year.
  • A permanent non-transferable 20% discount on all classes or programs after free access expires.
  • Invitation to free member-only events, including open houses, networking events, happy hours, topic presentations, and demo days.


You only pay for tuition after graduation and then only when you get a qualifying job!

Once you are accepted into the program, reserve your spot with just an enrollment fee. Some exclusions* and qualification requirements apply.

Or, you may qualify for a WIOA grant resulting in ZERO cost to you.

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