Nexul Academy


We mentor apprentices while leading client project teams. Our prior successes result in new productive employees that are more likely to stick with their employer. Apprentices are empowered to make a difference while building a deep understanding of the technology and team dynamics.

"Learning from Michael over the course of the project we worked on together was invaluable. He introduced me to advanced technologies like .Net Core and Angular 7. Michael thoroughly explained not just the 'how' of web development but the 'why'. He showed me how to effectively follow the agile process to meet the demands of the product owner in very timely manner. Michael led by example, always taking input from the team and synthesizing it into the best product design possible. Mike was always supportive and instructive and put the success of his teammates before his own recognition. I can’t wait work on another project with him."

Jared S.


Our customers keep coming back for more. The output from our mentoring program and project services have a superior level of success.

"We have used the services of Michael Lang over the last 5 or more years. He has worked as a consultant, Trainer and has designed custom software for our company. His skills as a programmer are excellent. If you want it done right, he’s the one you want working for you."

John A.

Apprenticeship Program

Apply for an apprenticeship with top local companies. Accepted applicants are paid a salary while learning the development and collaboration skills required by your next employer. Once you graduate the program and satisfactorily complete your apprentice web application, convert into an entry-level salary at your sponsor employer.

During the program you will meet with your sponsor to discuss your apprentice web application and follow the Agile process. The Nexul Academy instructors and mentors will guide your team project to meet your sponsor's requirements.