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12 Weeks of Training and more

Our 12-week training program allows students to learn and apply all of the necessary coding and team skills in order to start a career in full-stack web development. Students will attend our classes in St. Louis, Missouri and learn development with the help of in-person guidance from our experienced instructors and mentors.

We offer daytime or evening scheduling options for the immersive program. Both options include 48 full-stack development workshops, plus full-day access to mentors and workspace. Students will be expected to form teams of 2-5 people and work an additional 10 to 20 hours per week on a team-selected project in preparation for a demo day presentation to the professional community. Our ideal student to instructor/mentor ratio is 10-1, ensuring all of your questions are answered.

The daytime program includes 5 days per week for 10 weeks of lecture, workshops and hands-on mentoring. The program continues for 2 more weeks of dedicated team project time with full-time mentor availability. Team projects begin after week four.

The evening program includes 2 evenings per week (Tuesday and Thursday) for 24 weeks of lecture, workshops and hands-on mentoring sessions. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours. Students also have access to instructors and mentors during 'open work time'.

Career Support

All students in an immersive program are guided through the process with career guidance counselors. Counselors will work face-to-face with you to develop your expertise and help you prepare during the program and find the perfect job after graduation.

Post Graduation Resources

After graduation you become alumni, eligible for extended benefits for free for one year from your cohort start date. Special events will always be free for students and alumni.

  • Access to mentors and instructors during 'open work time', or via member slack channels
  • Additional free classes post graduation until placed into a programming job
  • Additional class discounts post job placement
  • Free access to the Innovation workspace
  • Invitation to free member-only events

Student Life

The program is immersive, but the schedule is broken down and easy to digest. The schedule includes lectures, workshops, lab time, and time to work on a team-selected project to gain real-world team-based experience.

Course lessons

Each cohort only includes one workshop per day. Part-time evening programs only have course lessons on select evenings.

Lectures are an open-format so you can ask questions as it progresses. Lab-time will always include floating mentors to help when you need it.

Open work time

You can work on what you want during open work time, such as catch up on course objectives, your class team-project, or discuss topics of interest with your peers; This time Includes full mentor availability so your questions can be answered.

Enrolled students have priority access to mentors during this time, but Alumni are also invited to ask questions as mentors are available.

Free time

Free time includes mentor availability open to all students AND alumni with equal priority. The innovation workspace is always open to students and graduates, even if not currently enrolled in a class.

Skills Workshops

A couple days per week, participate in team communication based lectures and activities. Some include the Agile process and other team skill development workshops, git flow, using Trello, Slack and other collaboration tools. These workshops are included for students and also open and free to alumni as space is available.

Other Events

The Innovation workspace will remain open for students and alumni to collaborate from 8 am until 9 pm daily. On weekends you are encouraged to work on your team project in the Innovation Workspace.

Students and Alumni are free to attend any facility hosted events. Students and first year alumni can also attend additional classes with open seats at no additional cost on a first-come first-served basis.


Monday thru Friday typical schedule (some days may vary):

Pricing and Financing

A 12-week full-time or 25 week part-time immersive program price is $11,650, if paid in full before the first day of class. Available scholarships may reduce this cost.

Deferred tuition, conditional on job placement, is also available. We make it as easy as possible for you to finance your tuition. Education is important, and lack of funds shouldn’t be a reason not to participate.

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