Nexul Academy

Highly affordable

We know that your education is important, and we believe that a lack of funds shouldn't be a reason to not participate. We are here to help break down financial barriers. There are many ways to finance your education and on this page are the most common and effective ways.


We can accept federal WIOA grants in Missouri, administered by local county job centers. These grants pay the full tuition on your behalf at no cost to you! Ask us how to apply.

Missouri Job Center

Deferred Tuition

Anyone currently earning under $125,000 per year qualifies for deferred tuition. You only pay for the deferred tuition after graduation and then only when you get a qualifying job!

Once you are accepted into the program, reserve your spot with just an enrollment fee. Some exclusions* apply.

After you get a job

Average market starting salary for a bootcamp graduate in St. Louis, Missouri is between $45,000 to $65,000 per year.

Full price for a 25 week part-time or 12-week full-time immersive program tuition plus fees is $11,640. Available scholarships may reduce this cost.

Deferred tuition payback only begins once you have been offered a qualifying position paying $40,000 per year or more. Deferred tuition does not accrue any interest during deferment. Once repayment has begun, the outstanding deferment will convert into a loan with low 8% APR interest. Monthly minimum payment is 8% of your monthly income until the deferred amount is paid in full. There are no early payoff penalties.

Scholarship Options

For when its time to pay for your Nexul Academy tuition, we offer scholarships to reduce the amount you pay.

Individuals may qualify for multiple scholarships towards tuition at Nexul Academy, up to a $2000 maximum scholarship per individual; Nexul Academy scholarships are only applicable toward an immersive program offered by Nexul Academy, and may not be used for any other purpose.

*Deferred Tuition Exclusions

To qualify for the defered tuition option, you must be looking for full-time employment after graduation. Participants agree to interview with clients assigned by Nexul Academy and its recruiting partners at any time prior to the start of the payback period. Participants are permitted to interview with other companies and accept other positions in place of offers attained through Nexul Academy clients.

The purpose of tuition deferment is to help people begin a career in software development. To that end, candidates that build a startup company with a for-profit business model after graduation are subject to begin the repayment period at the time of the company creation. Candidates that have ownership in a for-profit company generating revenue before class begins are not eligible for tuition deferment. Contact us to discuss payment options that fit your company requirements.

Full defered tuition is only available for candidates with a prior year household income at or under $35,000. Candidates with a prior year household income over $35,000 pay up-front no more than 12.5% of the portion of their prior year household income over $35,000. For example, if your prior year income was $40,000, then the upfront tuition due is calculated as follows:

  • (($40,000 - $35,000) * 12.5%)
  • ($5,000 * 12.5%)
  • $625

Other Financing Ideas

The upfront portion of your tuition payment can be paid for in a variety of ways, ranging from loans, crowdfunding, or a Nexul Academy partner employer sponsored scholarship. Talk to us to discuss the best option that fits your needs.

If you don't have a suitable laptop for the course already, don't forget to include enough funding to purchase your own laptop.

Refund Policy

Any cancellation within 3 business days of enrollment and any-time before the first class begins, whichever is later includes a full 100% refund of all tuition and fees. Any cancellation after this period is considered a withdrawal and is subject to the refund policy.

A withdrawal from a 25-week part-time program after week one ends and before week fourteen begins, will result in a prorated refund pursuant to the refund policy below.

If withdrawal occurred during:

  • Week 1: 100% of tuition paid
  • Week 2: 80% of tuition paid
  • Week 3: 70% of tuition paid
  • Week 4: 60% of tuition paid
  • Week 5: 50% of tuition paid
  • Week 6: 40% of tuition paid
  • Week 7: 30% of tuition paid
  • Week 8: 20% of tuition paid
  • Week 9: 10% of tuition paid
  • Week 10-13: 5% of tuition paid
  • Week 14 or later: no refund

Refunds are based on upfront tuition paid. Personalized refund schedule amounts based on your deferred tuition amount are available on request.