Get paid as you learn to code

Training in software development, plus paid client work.

*12-weeks of training, a paid apprenticeship, plus long term job placement.

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Gate Way Solutions, O'Fallon Illinois

Gate Way Solutions is a women-owned, veteran-owned small business focused on fulfillment of government software contracts. They target the market of municipal and logistics applications used by government entities.

Gate Way Solutions designs, builds, and maintains core application functionality for software systems, using a proprietary Scrum/Agile process adjusted to the requirements of the particular contract. Gate Way Solutions prioritizes training of highly skilled software engineers to best serve their clients.

* Only three (3) applicants will be selected for a paid apprenticeship this year. Selected apprentices must be able to travel to and work for 8 hours per day in Gate Way Solutions' office at:

1710 Corporate Crossing, Suite 3
O'Fallon, Illinois 62269

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The Apprenticeship Program


Step 1: Schedule a Strategy Session

Start by scheduling a strategy session to discuss your career goals and fit for the apprenticeship program in full-stack web development.

You may have tried, pluralsight, codecademy or coding videos on any other platform to get a basic understanding of creating applications with code and realized that you need a guide.

Every applicant will be accepted into the qualification program and be given a chance to prove their ability to learn and grow.

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Step 2: Qualification Project and Review

The free introductory courseware covers the basics of html, css, Javascript and C#, showing you how to build a nice looking web page, accept user input, call a data API and display that dynamic data on your web page.

You'll have 2 in-person or remote mentor sessions per week for up to 3 weeks as you progress through the introductory courses and complete the qualification project.

Gate Way Solutions will interview and select three to five (3-5) applicants to advance to step 3.

Learn about Gate Way Solutions

Step 3: 8-week Full-time In-Depth Training

You'll enroll in the Nexul Academy full-stack in-person training program, learning with your class team in the Gate Way Solutions workspace.

You'll learn to master html and css, and build a full-stack application using C# MVC, a SQL database, Razor and Angular.

Three (3) students will be selected to join the paid Apprenticeship in the next step. Everyone else will still continue the same advanced learning track in the same workspace with follow-up job placement assistance.

Full-stack program details

Step 4: The Paid 4-week Apprenticeship

Each day of the apprenticeship will be divided into two halves, comprised of both classroom learning and paid practical work experience.

In the first half of each day you will progress in learning to build advanced full-stack applications using the Nexul Academy learning software with a mentor in the same room to answer any questions.

The remaining time, 3 apprentices will earn great pay while working on one of Gate Way Solutions' internal applications or client projects alongside their senior development team.


Step 5: Full-time Employment

Once you successfully complete the program courses in Angular, C#.Net and SQL you may be one of three (3) apprentices to convert into a full-time employee position at Gate Way Solutions.

You'll continue to advance your career while accomplishing development tasks on either client development teams, or internal company projects.

More learning opportunities in AI, machine learning, cryptocurrency, data analytics, or other in-demand topics will be available to you as a Gate Way Solutions employee.

Learn about Gate Way Solutions

Proven Graduate Success

It starts with comprehensive courseware, explanatory lecture videos, and expands into daily check-ins with your mentor, a community of peers along the same journey for support, TEAM projects following the Agile process, and Job coaching and placement.

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