Nexul Academy

Education is King

We know that your education is important, and we believe that a lack of funds shouldn't be a reason to not participate. We are here to help break down financial barriers. There are many ways to finance your bootcamp schooling and on this page are the most common and effective ways to pay for your Nexul Academy tuition.


A 12-week full-time or 25 week part-time immersive program price is $11,650, if paid in full before the first day of class. Available scholarships may reduce this cost.

You may be eligible to defer tuition payment until placement into a qualified job. A qualifying job includes a minimum $45k per year income.

To reserve your spot, a $500 deposit is due after your interview and acceptance into the program. The deposit is applied toward your tuition.

Scholarship Options

Nexul Academy offers the following scholarships for individuals enrolled in our immersive 12-week program:

Individuals may qualify for multiple scholarships towards tuition at Nexul Academy, up to a $2000 maximum scholarship per individual; Nexul Academy scholarships are only applicable toward a 12-week immersive program offered by Nexul Academy, and may not be used for any other purpose.

Deferred Tuition

Only a portion of your tuition is eligible for deferment, at a level based on your prior tax year household* income. You pay only 1.5 months of your qualifying income amount before the program starts, with rest deferred until after job placement. The deferred amount is subject to a one time 8% fee and then NO interest accrues on the deferred amount.

When scholarships are combined with deferred tuition, half of the scholarship amount is applied to the upfront portion of the tuition with the remaining half applied to the deferred tuition amount.

For example, a $20k / yr prior year income requires only a $2,500 upfront tuition payment, with the remaining $9,150 deferred and a one-time (8%) $732 fee. Any applicable scholarships deduct equally from each portion of the tuition.

When you are placed into a qualifying job, you will begin to payback the deferred tuition at 8% of each paycheck gross income until the deferred amount is paid off. Some employers may elect to payback all or a part of your deferred tuition on your behalf as part of an educational benefit. No interest accrues during normal payback. A qualifying job includes a minimum $45k per year income.

Please contact us for a plan that includes specific scholarships, customized to your specific financial situation.

Other Financing Ideas

The upfront portion of your tuition payment can be paid for in a variety of ways, ranging from loans, crowdfunding, or a Nexul Academy partner employer sponsored scholarship. Talk to us to discuss the best option that fits your needs.

If you don't have a suitable laptop for the course already, don't forget to include enough funding to purchase your own laptop.

Refund Policy

A student who withdraws for any reason prior to an immersive program start date or up to one week into the program (the trial period) receives all monies returned, with the exception of the non-refundable $500 deposit. For students on the deferred tuition plan, only the upfront paid portion of tuition is eligible for refund, while the deferred amount due is cancelled.

A withdrawal after week one and before week four ends will receive a pro-rated refund. Students that withdraw during week five or later will not receive a refund.

  • Week 1: 100% of tuition paid, minus $500 deposit
  • Week 2: 75% of tuition paid
  • Week 3: 50% of tuition paid
  • Week 4: 25% of tuition paid
  • Week 5 or later: no refund

Refunds are based on upfront tuition paid after applicable scholarships. Essentially, you can't get back money you haven't paid, and we don't continue to collect future payments once you opt for a refund. Personalized payment and refund schedule amounts are available on request.


* Household income does not include income of non-parent, non-guardian relatives or roommates or partners not married to you. If your personal total yearly income is $40k or more, then only your personal income is included in the household income calculation. If your personal yearly income is less than $40k, then your calculated household income after including parent, guardian or spouse income will max at $40k.