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Creating web applications is a multi-tier process. The overarching goal of this program is for students to become educated in full stack application development. On the front-end, this means working with a user interface (i.e., anything appearing on the front of a computer screen such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or Angular). On the back-end, this means anything hosted on a server such as web APIs (i.e., C#, MVC, ASP.Net Core) which connect to a data access layer (i.e., SQL, Key-Value Stores or Document databases). The back-end applications are hosted either on private servers or cloud environments (i.e. Azure, AWS). The deployment of applications to server environments can be facilitated with containerization (i.e. Docker and Kubernetes).

We strive to focus on a mentor style education environment with a 10 to 1 instructor & mentor to student ratio. Each class of 30 students will have 1 instructor and 2 mentors.