Nexul Academy

Full project Lifecycle

Our project services provide a unique solution to solve your immediate project needs and long-term staffing needs.

We will provide a highly experienced technical lead and mentor with 10 to 20 years of software development experience to lead your software development project, provide Agile process leadership, mentoring, and development services. The expert assigned to your project will lead a team of apprentices sourced, screened and trained by Nexul Academy to be valuable team members.

Team Integration

We can integrate into your existing development team, or build solutions you don't have the time to build in-house. We will train your team on the latest technologies used to build your project, then provide mentorship to extend the software. We provide the support you need, when you need it.

Expand your team

After your initial project term, you may convert apprentice team members into employees with no added buy-out or recruiting fees.

Rigorous Screening

Candidates must pass a rigorous screening process to qualify for an apprenticeship. Our process begins with an interview with us to assess their passion for software development, a teamwork mindset, and must already have an understanding of basic programming concepts. All backgrounds are accepted into the program, with diversity emphasized.

Candidates must first complete the Nexul Academy self-paced training program. Candidates are supported with regular tutoring sessions, referrals to multiple community user group meetings each month, and direct access to mentors and peers on the Nexul Academy ‘slack’ communication channels.

Finally, candidates must build a sample project demonstrating their understanding. They must present their project to our mentors, with a focus on explaining how the project was implemented.