Nexul Academy

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Students with Modern Skills

Our instructors are only the best. Our instructors have worked at top-notch St. Louis companies such as Ameren, Maritz, NSI, Anheuser-Busch, PracticeLink, Eagle Technology Group and others.

Students complete over 600+ hours of practical, hands-on, project-based work and training, students learn the technology you desire through lectures, labs, workshops, and team-projects that build web applications using industry leading practices. Our students are taught skills in the highest demand in the St. Louis market.

Students learn valuable programming languages and team communication skills that are most applicable in the work force; This includes Html/Css, Asp.Net Core, C#, MVC, Angular, Node/Npm, Sql, and Entity Framework.

Our graduates not only learn the technology, but how to apply it to real projects in a team-based environment. Students learn to communicate in the business world using the agile process, daily stand-ups, solo and pair programming and by giving presentations.

Retrain Employees

Onboarding experienced developers into a new company takes time to train them on your business practices and industry. You already have people with in-depth knowledge about your business, working in non-development roles that have an interest in technology. Consider retraining some interested employees into a new development role, and you'll be surprised at what they can do.

More often than not, the people who switch departments have delivered beyond expectation in the roles they take up.

Your enrolled employees will be mentored by our best instructors, including guidance in development of a company project during class project time (confidentiality available). Send a team to be trained at once for optimal results, and you'll be amazed at what they bring back to work in just 12 weeks.

Apprenticeship Program

Let us find applicants that match your requirements. Pick from screened applicants and pay a minimal wage during training. Upon graduation and satisfactory completion of their apprentice application, promote them into your entry-level developer salary band.

During the program you have full facility access to monitor or work with your sponsored students on a project of your choosing. The Nexul Academy instructors and mentors will guide the student’s team project, included in the standard tuition cost.