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Education is King

We know that your education is important, and we believe that a lack of funds shouldn't be a reason to not participate. We are here to help break down financial barriers. There are many ways to finance your bootcamp schooling and on this page are the most common and effective ways to pay for your Nexul Academy tuition.


A 12-week immersive program price is $11,650, if paid in full before the first day of class. Available scholarships may reduce this cost. Payment plans are also available.

To reserve your spot, a $500 deposit is due after your interview and acceptance into the program, at least two weeks prior to the first day of class. The deposit is applied toward your tuition.

Scholarship Options

Nexul Academy offers the following scholarships for individuals enrolled in our immersive 12-week program:

Individuals may qualify for multiple scholarships towards tuition at Nexul Academy, up to a $2000 maximum scholarship per individual; Nexul Academy scholarships are only applicable toward a 12-week immersive program offered by Nexul Academy, and may not be used for any other purpose.

Other Financing Ideas

Payment Plans (optional)

Payment plans are available for all 12-week programs; Tuition is broken into 5 payments with a $40 administration fee per payment. A typical payment schedule with no applicable scholarships includes $4,260 due before the first day of class (including the $500 deposit) and $1897.50 due before the start of week 3, 5, 7 and 9 for a total program tuition and fees of $11,850.

Please contact us for a payment plan that includes specific scholarships, customized to your needs.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is the most favorable to students over any other similar program.

A student who withdraws for any reason prior to an immersive program start date or up to one week into the program (the trial period) receives all monies returned, with the exception of the non-refundable $500 deposit. For students on a payment plan, the $40 administration fee per payment is non-refundable once paid.

Students that withdraw during week eight or later will not receive a refund. Week eleven and twelve is the team-project wrap up time, no lectures, just getting ready for your presentation. A withdrawal after week one and before week eight will receive a pro-rated refund.

  • Week 1: 100% of tuition, minus $500 deposit
  • Week 2: 90% of tuition
  • Week 3: 75% of tuition
  • Week 4: 60% of tuition
  • Week 5: 45% of tuition
  • Week 6: 30% of tuition
  • Week 7: 15% of tuition
  • Week 8-12: no refund

Refunds are based on total tuition price minus scholarships, not based on tuition paid. Students enrolled in a payment plan may not be eligible for a refund depending on the date of withdrawal. Essentially, you can't get back money you haven't paid yet, and we don't continue to collect future payments once you opt for a refund. Payment and refund schedule amounts are available on request.